Dining in the Heart of Tremblant

Creating an extraordinary dining experience is Château Beauvallon's aspiration. Our chef is obsessed with details and perfecting the fundamental techniques that are the foundation of every culinary journey.

The highlight of our menu is our exquisite USDA Prime certified beef which allows us to offer an on-trend take on a classic steakhouse tradition. In addtion to our grill menu, our sushi bar offers the largest variety and best sushi in Tremblant. Discover the region’s best kept secret: Château Beauvallon Prime Steak Sushi Bar.

Executive Chef Pierre-André Cantin

Chef Pierre-André Cantin is curious and passionate by nature and finds inspiration for his art in everything around him. His style draws on his Swiss roots, his work experience in Europe and North America, the people he’s met who share his keen interest and inquisitiveness, and his fascination with new products and innovative techniques.

Always hungry to know more, Chef Cantin has an attention for detail, an innate need to surpass himself and a passion for daily discovery. He develops menus using fresh ingredients and his latest finds, returns to the classics, creates new flavour combinations and restyles food service and presentation. These qualities have given him extensive experience as a chef and made him a specialist of the culinary arts—to the immense pleasure of his customers.

Sushi Chef Arturo Renowitzky

Born in Colombia, Arturo grew up in Barranquilla, a small city in the north of Colombia. At the age of 24 he moved to Quebec and settled into Montreal. Being called out by the appeal of nature, he then settled down in the Laurentians, in Mont-Tremblant. He discovered his passion for sushi and new flavors. Due to his attention to detail, his impeccable work ethic and his engaging personality, he was rapidly recognized as a distinguished sushiman.

A true artist and sushi master, Chef Arturo will delight you with one of his succulent custom creations and his extraordinary and unexpected combinations of fresh flavours. There are no limits to Arturo’s creativity, he has become a true true artist of sushi.

Restaurant & Bar Hours

Wednesday to Sunday 5pm to 10pm


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    Prime Steak Sushi Bar
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    Wednesday to Sunday 5pm to 10pm